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How to Make Love to a Lady

Sexy, sensuous women are not turned on by a guy talking of his previous exploits, or by hearing about the size and expert techniques he uses to deploy his penis! And, unlike most men who are easily aroused with anything that is visual, women tend to need all five of their senses stimulated in order to become totally turned on! Of course, you cannot plunge directly into acts of sex until you have made sure your lady is relaxed and comfortable, yet also eagerly excited in anticipation of doing the deed! hehehe Many people use the word ‘foreplay’ to describe that sort of ‘getting ready time’ before actual intercourse takes place. I prefer to refer to it as ‘making love’ to your partner. For sure, it is those touches and feelings of love that make the before-sex sex play so tantalizing! With that in mind, here are a few tips and tidbits regarding pleasuring your lady, that I learned from my journey along life’s road. I wrote it for your reading pleasure and perusal, with the hopes that someone may learn something new, and use it to make someone else happy!

Start Slowly, Softly, Gently, Tenderly

Initially, speaking ‘sweet nothings’ softly in her ear, combined with gentle touching, caressing and long, tender hugs and embraces should be enough to at least get her interested in engaging in an intimate encounter. These early actions can also include feathering lip kisses on her skin, particularly in the areas of her neck and ears, leading up to fully kissing her on the mouth, with an ever-growing intensity in the length and depth of your kisses. Gradually move your touches and kisses down her body, paying particular attention to her breasts and nipples. By now, you may want to have incorporated some licking, sucking and nibbling mouth action, especially around her erogenous areas. Use your fingers and hands; lips, tongue and mouth to their greatest capacity, as you advance ‘around the bases’ – so to speak LOL – into your love making session.

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